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Editing pane has become very large

  1. Hello again,

    I just put a quick new draft online and all seemed to be going well. Then I tried to edit it (both before and after publication) and the editing pane became enormous again. It's getting silly now!

  2. This same issue is also being reported on the support forums. I have tagged this thread for a Staff response. Please subscribe so you are notified when that takes place.

  3. Okay, will do. Thanks to everyone for your help so far. One of the lenses popped out of my glasses on Xmas Eve, so until they're sorted out I won't be able to blog much anyway. :-(

  4. I'm visually challenged so I empathize. This is an issue that only Staff can address and fix.

  5. No worries, I can see from further up that they're on the case. Thanks again for your suggestions. The mystery continues...

  6. @Cosmictigger - can you try clearing your cache and cookies? Here is more information about how to do that:

    If you could also check to see if you have the same issue in a Chrome browser, we can start to narrow down the issue.


  7. Hi Zandrying

    I've cleared my Firefox cache and cookies again, but it doesn't seem to have helped. I drafted a new post straight into Chromium (which I've never used on this machine before) and at first everything seemed to be going okay. Then I switched to edit mode and the pane got enormous again. I've switched back to Firefox now and it's still enormous.

  8. Hi there,

    Ok! I'm sorry - I will keep digging.

    To be clear - you are switching between "visual" and "text" on the editor window?


  9. Yes, I use both, depending on what mood I'm in. Sometimes I like to draft in Visual Editor, but lately (especially since some of the WYSIWYG features seem to have become unreliable) I've been working on the Text Editor instead. (I like to know whether what's meant to be in bold is in bold, and what's in italic is in italic, without trying to decode path attributes.)
    The first draft ('New Post') always goes in lovely, with a nice compact editing pane, the toolkit at the top, and everything to hand. As soon as I hit 'save draft' and start editing, the fun starts... :-(

  10. Hey guys, I'm not getting too excited here, but I'm putting a new post on my subsidiary blog and so far the editing pane has stayed a manageable size. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know how things go.

  11. Well stop hitting "save draft"! (I kid, I kid!) ;)

    I'm glad to hear that - for the time being - things are staying put. We continue to look into this.

  12. With my typing skills, the 'save draft' function is the one I use most :-P

    I haven't checked the main blog yet, but (fingers crossed) the current posting is still okay. Thanks - I'll let you know if anything untowards happens.

  13. The plot thickens...
    I've just saved a new draft to my primary blog, and now the editing pane is really big again. I'm using Ambiru theme for that one, so I wonder whether it's an issue that only affects certain themes.

  14. Hi again,

    Hmm - interesting that it's continuing to happen to you. It shouldn't make a difference what the theme is - the theme doesn't affect your dashboard.

    I'm still troubleshooting on my end - I am really sorry this is still happening!

  15. I could be wrong but I do believe the developers are aware of this issue. I assume that the fix may not happen until the next WordPress upgrade but don't know that for sure.

  16. That is correct!

    I'm asking our internal team if there's any short-term fix that might help users in the interim.

  17. kissesandchaos

    Just so you know this is also happening in firefox. I noticed it the other day and have been driving myself crazy trying to fix it (thinking i had pushed some magic invisible button somewhere that caused the change) I find I'm not the only having this issue.
    Fingers x'ed a solution is found soon because it is incredibly annoying to work in the insanely large pane.
    Glad to know people are working on this.

  18. kissesandchaos

    following this thread

  19. I am sorry you're also experiencing this. We're working on it!

  20. Ditto problem for me with wp3.5... IE10 and FF... TinyMCE visual editor is extremely long. HTML window is fine though. I can swap back and forth, visual is long, HTML is fine. I can resize the visual window, but as soon as I update the page the visual window goes long again.

  21. That's a very interesting distinction about the two views displaying differently - thank you for letting me know.

    We continue to work on this!

  22. kissesandchaos

    just a quick note: mine does not make a distinction between panes. when I toggle back and forth they are both expanded.

  23. Great to know Alli - what browser and operating system are you on?

  24. kissesandchaos

    Firefox & Windows Vista

  25. Cheers!

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