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    I’m wondering how I can change my permalink for a certain page without it disappearing.

    For example: When I started the site, I created a “Weddings” page for my photos. But I then decided to keep that page and call it “Editorial.” I didn’t create a new page for “Editorial” but just named it different and added different photos to the gallery. All the while, it had the permalink ending christopherhuberphotography.com/weddings/. I realized that’s what shows up in the browser bar and would like to edit it.

    Each time I try to change it, the page disappears. So, how can I change it to christopherhuberphotography.com/editorial/?

    Any help is great.


    The blog I need help with is christopherhuberphotography.com.


    Open the page for edit and you will see the permalink right below the title field with an edit button at the end. Click on the edit button and you can change the “weddings” to whatever you like.

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