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Editing Photo Captions

  1. I want to change the colour of a word in each photo caption in my photo gallery. However, I can't find any editing tools in the photo gallery

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Many Thanks

  3. You are welcome.

  4. Alternative: click the Add Media button of the post editor, click the Gallery tab, click Show next to the image you want to edit, enclose the word you want to change in the following code then scroll down and click "Save all changes":
    <span style="color:#123456;">WORD HERE</span>
    (Replace 123456 with the hex for the color you need.)
    Repeat for the other images.

  5. Ah!

  6. (Yesterday's discovery!)

  7. This has worked really well.

  8. Hi-

    I just tried this technique to change a white colored caption to black in one of my slideshows. I used #000000 for the color 'black'. I apparently goofed up somewhere because after I saved the change, the caption included the whole line of code.

    I'm using the Mistylook theme. Any suggestions?


  9. The question, and the suggested workaround, referred to images in a gallery. Doesn't apply to slideshow.

  10. justpi-

    Ok. Good to know. Thanks.

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