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    Hi all,

    I do apologise as I’m new to WordPress and still finding my way around. I have searched the documents in regard to my problem to no avail unfortunately.

    I’ve created a theme from duplicating the default theme files and am having problems with two things.

    The first is posts (the actual article(s)). I’ve had a look in page.php, even removed all the content but I still can’t edit or style it… If it’s not page.php what file is it in?

    Second… I’ve created a block div for my links in the sidebar. I want to concatenate the link with the number of posts (i.e. Category (5)) and have searched through the functions but can’t find anything related.

    Any help appreciated! Thanks



    I’m sorry, you’re in the wrong place. You need to go to wordpress.org and ask for help in the forums there. This forum is for wordpress.com blogs. Our software is different and we cannot help you.

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