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    Hi WordPress!

    I just wanted to ask somehting about editing posts.
    I wonder if I can use the edit words for my comments on the blog. Underline, bold, italics …
    I can´t find it and it´s so important to me to use it.
    I am going to do a soccer blog with important soccer players and journalists from Spain, and i need to use italics, bold for some sentences.
    Please let me know as soon as you can.
    (email redacted)
    Thanks a lot!

    Carlos Gallardo

    The blog I need help with is carlosgallardoeloise.wordpress.com.


    These functions are on the blog post. In html, it is as follows:

    italics <i></i>
    bold <b></b>
    underline <u></u>


    Thanks a lot for your quick answer!!!
    I didnt see it because i was in the wrong place to write the post!
    Thanks a lot!


    No problem. :)



    Those are two wrong answers.


    Please note these correct answers:
    <em> for italics </em>
    for italics
    <strong> for bold lettering </strong>
    for bold lettering


    EVerything´s fine now.
    Thanks a lot for your help!



    You’re most welcome and best wishes with your blog.


    Thanks again!!
    I don´t know how long will be, but i have all my illusion on this!
    Bests regards,
    Carlos Gallardo


    The em and strong tags are for different reasons. For example, em tag is for emphasizing text; strong tag is for important text. These tags will still italicize. The i tag is just for general italicizing.



    For more on what you can use in comments, see this post of mine:

    As for the difference between i and em tags, there’s no “general” or other than general italicizing. The difference is that i tags are visual only (changed appearance only) while em tags are semantic: they have a meaning, and are rendered in a special way by screen readers (programs for visually impaired users). So i tags aren’t strictly wrong, but em tags should be preferred. Same thing for b (visual) vs strong (semantic).

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