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Editing problems today

  1. I cut and paste my post from Word (like I have done with my previous posts). But the spacing between paragraphs disappeared when I published the post. I've tried to go back in and edit it, putting the spaces back in. Nothing. So I tried deleting the post and "re-pasting" it one paragraph at a time. That worked for the first three paragraphs, then stopped working. Still no spaces between paragraphs. What is up?

  2. Word is a nightmare.
    Link to your blog please?

  3. pornstarbabylon

    Notepad has always worked well for me. I downloaded BlodDesk the other day and still haven't got around to fully exploring it yet. But yeah as boblets said, I always hear bad things about Word.

  4. churchwhisperer

  5. That is not a link...

  6. I see you resorted to using small fullstops! In the HTML post editor, try replacing them with this - minus all the spaces:
    < p > & n b s p ; < / p >

  7. Seriously, seriously, do not use Word. It is a living nightmare and if it hasn't caused problems for you until today you are unspeakably lucky. You're writing plain text, so you don't need the formatting features. Either try Notepad or do this: write in Word, copy it all, paste it into Notepad, copy THAT, and paste that Notepad text into your blog. That should work.

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