Editing Regulus 2.1 theme CSS – Part II

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    Somehow the edit box of “Add a Reply” in the previous thread of this subject has become a link instead, so that I am unable to add a reply there. So here is my reply to ellaella:

    Me, give up? Never. Well, hardly ever. :-)

    Anyway, I’ve figured out how to darken and enlarge the font for http://jfistere.wordpress.com but I am concerned that for some people, the original font size is better. Only a few people complained.

    What I want to know now is whether, working within the framework of the theme, Regulus 2.1, would it be possible to add a “font size selection” buttons widget or whatever it would be called? Some web pages have them.

    I am also interested in changing the font color of the “Add a Reply” link so it stands out from the other links in that paragraph.

    Cheers and thanks for your reply,
    John Fistere

    P.S. I’ve sent a support request identifying the problem with the previous thread.


    The blog I need help with is jfistere.wordpress.com.



    You can’t add a font-size selection button with the CSS. If people want to change the size of the font, that’s easy to do via their browser (for Firefox, for example, you just press CTRL and +/-).

    I’m pretty sure that those links are all coded together, so you can’t just pick out one.



    Hey, John, glad you’re not a quitter! CSS is fun, if frusstrating sometimes. (I did close the tag on that other thread, I really did. Sometimes I don’t, but I did that time.)



    By “Add a reply” do you mean “add a comment” that appears after the tags? Looks to me like:

    .comments { }

    should do the job, or if more selectivity is needed:

    .info .comments { }

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