Editing Sidebar Widgets Under Dashboard

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    How come the Dashboard/Widgets section no longer drops down? Before, when I’d edit the text widgets, I’d just click, and it would drop down for editing. You could also drag and drop widgets to and from available/inactive, but now, when you click, it brings you to a new page for editing. I just find it irritating, since I have so many text widgets, it’s hard to figure out which one I’m editing, was easier when it’d just drop down, unlike now when a new page is loaded and I have to page forward/backward. Is it just me?

    The blog I need help with is randomizeme.wordpress.com.



    It’s not just you. There have been changes made to the Dashboard and widgets page. I am always resistant to change so I have been keeping my opinion to myself. :(


    Huh, I”m not seeing that behavior.



    Come on over to onecoolsite and check it out. I’ll put the welcome mat out on my my backdoor step. ;) For some time now my widgets have not been drag and drop.


    I just dropped by and waved. The widgets drag and drop for me. I added a text widget to the sidebar then moved it down to the inactive section and then moved it back up to the sidebar and then back over to the available widgets area.

    The widgets open just as they have for me. I click on the right end of the widget title bar in the sidebar and then expand down.

    How very strange.



    That is strange – I can’t do any of that anymore – drag & drop of widgets etc.

    wish a mod would drop by this thread and say something….


    It seems you have enabled the accessibility mode. Click Screen Options to disable it.



    Seems every time there’s a Dashboard change, strange things happen. Maybe it was a result of Staff fiddling with the contextual help menus the other day (which in my not so humble opinion are less helpful now).

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