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    When I hover my mouse over the links to my pages, the hover box simply displays the page title. i.e. If I hover my mouse over the “Body Language” link a little box saying “Body Language” appears. I would like those hover boxes to contain short descriptions of those pages. i.e. When I hover over “Body Language” I want the hover box to say “Information on Spa Treatments and Products.”

    I’ve looked through all the edit options in the pages menu and couldn’t find anything. Perhaps this should be posted in the appearance forum, but it seemed like I might need to edit the CSS for this.

    The blog I need help with is benjaminevents.wordpress.com.


    The blog is benjaminevents.wordpress.com.



    This is not possible in your navigation menu as the code used here is not editable. However if you want to do something similar with links on posts/pages/text widget then you need to set a title attribute in your anchor tags. Here’s an example that hopefully won’t get mangled by the forum:

    <a href="#" title="this is the hover text">this is the link text</a>

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