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    Very like the My Comments feature in the Dashboard; Question: is there a way to edit the list (of comments it maintains)?
    This feature is especially useful when I comment on a blog that I have not visited, but the list of my own comments is probably deletable, or at least maintain list for comments in last x days. That sort of thing.
    Thanks in advance, http://www.wakefielddoctrine.com

    The blog I need help with is wakefielddoctrine.com.



    I will try to help you out, but I am not sure I understand your question, so here goes.
    There are two differents ways to see comments. From the Global Dashboard go to My Comments and you will see the comments from posts on other WordPress blogs that you have left comments on. If you go to My Dashboard > Comments you will see all of the comments that people have left to the posts on your blog. Give that a try and if you still have a problem let me know. I hope this is helpful, because it took me awhile to realize they were 2 different things.

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