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    I wanted to know if there will be such possibility in the future as editing the way our permalinks are shown. By default the permalink will be the title. Would it be a possible future option to change the permalink from the title to post id for example (the one I want ;) )



    The short answer is no.

    The long answer is that it’s theme-controlled behaviour, and I can’t think of any themes which handle permalinks in the way you describe (post id is a kind of useless number which most people don’t want on their sites).



    I don’t think permalinks has to do with the themes but with the .httaccess file where the permalinks are actually handled.

    In WP.org you don’t need to edit the themes in order to change the permalinks.

    What do you mean with most people? how many people did you ask? as long as I know some (I’m just being cautious) people that actually like that option…

    Anyway, does any one know if this option will be available in a near future?



    Knowing what little I know about SEO, I love having the title within the URL.

    Permalinks is set within the .httaccess file as you state. I think with the MU version of WP that we run, it’s actually controlled from with WP. You may want to suggest this feature in the forums there since it would require a change with the software.

    I agree with wank though. I host a little over 300 WP blogs myself, we default to the title rewrites on our install, and I’ve yet to have anyone change it that I know of. I had one turn it off completely but he only did it because it was interfering with a game he hosts further down in a subdirectory. Why he just didn’t move it into another directory, I still don’t know…

    I do know I’ve talked about this before and it bothers me not knowing what a post is about before I click on it in the dashboard.

    Honest answer, if you really don’t like this feature, I think you might be happier with paid hosting and modify it yourself. I’d mention it within the MU forums first though as it may be something as simple as something being overlooked by the developers.

    Good luck,

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