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editing the posting details display of my blog

  1. hi there

    i am using Andreas09 as my template for

    what do I need to edit on my site in order to put below

    Posted by Caroline Westbrook on September 25th, 2006

    with this

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    I still want to keep

    Posted in Day to day, General thoughts | 1 Comment »

    at the bottom of a posting.



  2. The themes here at are shared here at and are uneditable. If you were allowed to edit them, you would be editing everybody else's theme as well and they would be doign the same thing to you.

  3. Hi Dr Mike

    Thanks for explaining that.

    does the option to pay $20 allow me to do any editing like this? I saw it mentions changing the CSS.



  4. Those lines are actually coming out of the php code from the theme. The $15 a year for CSS editing would only allow you to change the CSS file for your site.

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