Editing the Twitter and Facebook plug-ins in the footer

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    Hi there
    I don’t like the way the Facebook and Twitter social plug-ins look in the footer of my website. I would like to make them wider and perhaps change the colour of the font for the plug-ins. Does anyone know if this is possible?


    Hi @thecrystalmaze64,
    You can do that by editing the existing CSS or adding a custom CSS. You will need a Premium or a Business Plan to be able to work with CSS on your site.

    Read more about it here:




    Hi there,

    Is this on the http://thecrystalmazecom.wordpress.com/ site? When posting to the CSS forum, always please remember to indicate your site’s address, and also the theme you are using as CSS is theme-specific.

    I see you’ve already been helped with these changes via chat so I’m setting this thread to resolved, but please start another thread if you need help with anything else.


    This is the CSS subforum, as you’ll see at the top of the screen. This is where users post to get help with CSS code. If you’re not comfortable helping with CSS, you can just ignore any threads in this subforum. We’ll never run out of users to help in the main forums :)


    Thanks for the tip. I am comfortable helping people with CSS though. It is my strongest weapon(like your hammer). :D

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