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    I’m all new to WordPress so I’m sorry if I’m taking up your time on something obvious.

    I would like to change the colour on my CHUNK theme. I think the theme is wounderful in style but I would like to change the blue details to an other colour. How do I do this?

    This is the link to my new blogg: http://stadsplan.wordpress.com/

    What I want to change is mainly the colour on the text “1 kommentar” (“one comment”). But it’s nice if all stuff light blue would be changeable in one or a few clicks…

    The blog I need help with is stadsplan.wordpress.com.



    If you want to change the presentation of the “Enter a comment” text, you have to find this inside the CSS:

    .hentry .entry-meta .comments a {
    color: #36BCAB;
    font-size: 22px;
    font-weight: bold;
    text-decoration: none;

    #36BCAB is the color of the teal that’s in the Chunk theme by default. If you want to change that color throughout all the CSS, you need to replace anything with #36BCAB with the hex code for the color of your choice. Hope this helps.


    @mrwhitepearl, you are assuming that they have the Custom Design upgrade, and there is no evidence from looking at their site that they do.

    @stadsplan, do you have the Custom Design upgrade? If you do not, they you cannot change the color of links in the site.


    That should be,

    If you do not, then you cannot change the color of links in the site.



    But the links in this theme is black with understrike while the blue/teal colour is situated on certain aspects like “comment”. I where hoping this could be changed without Custom Design upgrade, which I do not have. I guess I will have to live with it or find an other theme.

    Any theme tips with similar design? (I know I can search myself and will)

    Thank you for a quick reply!


    There are several places that things would have to be changed to take care of all the links, but it would require the Custom Design upgrade.

    Wu Wei is similar in design, but the link colors in it are an orange color.

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