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    So I have designed my website in wordpress.com, http://www.anelbrink.com only to figure out now that there is no way for me to get access to the coding of any .com site. I can do limited editing in the CSS but cannot change things like the banner wording to an image i.e. my logo.

    I am registered with wordpress.com’s host company Automattic so that my site points to anelbrink.com but I need to be able to edit a few things on the design. I have done a child theme but then realised that the option of uploading a theme is not available even with the CSS upgrade. Is this then only available in .org?
    What options do I have to go forward?


    The blog I need help with is anelbrink.com.



    Well, if you want to change the wording on your header, that’s easy and doesn’t require CSS editing.

    If you list the specific changes you want to make, we can tell you if they’re possible here or not.



    Thanks for the reply.
    Its not the header that I want to change but the text above it. The words ‘Anel Brink’ I want to change by putting the image of my company logo there.

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