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editing time stamp

  1. I am editing time stamp on posting, is that reposting it?
    If so should it show up the the latest post?

    It seems like when I post some thing new it doesn't show up in latest posts.

  2. It will change it's location on the posts but it doesn't move you up in tags.

  3. PS: Maybe, you have a static page or you have set in the options it to show only one post?

  4. jackt70, are you sure you have a blog? Could you please give us the address?

  5. is the site.
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated


  6. If you edit the time stamp then it will reorder the list of posts on your blog. But be careful - if you do then you'll change the URL for that post and that will break any links back to your post. Which isn't good.

  7. If the post has already shown up in Latest Posts it will not show up there again.

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