Editing to include images in comments?

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    Hi, I was wondering if its possible to add images in comments.

    A quick search of the forums shows that its not possible for readers to add images in their own comments, only links – this is maybe for security / anti spam reasons, perhaps because of the worry that spammers can then put nasty/inappropriate images into comment boxes.

    However, I wonder if its possible for the blog owner to add images, or convert links provided by readers to the actual images, if they choose to do that?
    That seems a sensible thing to be able to do, because its less vunerable – the blog owner retains control over whether images are displayed – and it looks like the capability to do that is already in there?:

    For an existing comment, clicking on the “edit comment” link gets to an editor page for that comment, and there are various formatting buttons there, including an “img” button.
    Clicking the “img” button gives a dialogue box, where you can give the url of the image and a suitable title, and then the editor neatly constructs a well-formed img tag in the comment.

    This seems like a great idea!

    Unfortunately, though, I can’t get any further than that – adding the img tags and then “saving” the comment, still results in a comment with… no images. The action of “saving” seems to strip out the img tags created by the editor.

    Or am I doing it wrong?

    Anyone else been able to use this feature successfully?




    AFAIK it’s not possible. You can link to an image but everything that would insert it is stripped out when you save it, as you found. I suppose theoretically even if just the blog owner can do it, it’s still open to abuse; and if people see that you can do it, they’ll want to and it’ll get confusing. And the more images on a page, the longer it’ll take to load. So I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong; I think that’s just the way it works. Makes the img button kind of redundant, but I guess it’s just the default. :)


    If there are a lot of them, I would be careful i doing that, and also show them as thumbnails since it could severely slow down page loading, especially for the majority of people out there that are still on dialup.

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