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Editing Window Is too large!

  1. I remember seeing an option before where you can change the number of lines visible for the editing window and now I dont see that option in my settings.

    The problem is when I click New Post, the editing area is super large and instead of being able to scroll up and down inside of it, I have to waste my time to re-size it to a comfortable setting so I can edit my posts!

    I hope I am explaining this right! Basically instead of being able to scroll up & down within the post editor, the edit post area is over sized and I need to re size it constantly just to be able to edit what I want to post! This issue began a few days ago!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I understand you. That option was removed. Move your mouse to the lower right hand corner of the text box (you will see two diagonal lines). Your mouse should change to the Resize pointer (double arrows). Click and drag and you can re-size the box to whatever size you like.

  3. really? So it has to be changed manually every time? That sucks! Thank you for the info though, I wonder why the option was removed =((

  4. I don't know why it was removed. You're welcome.

  5. I write on WordPress too and I use the Hemingway theme. Every time I access a post, when editing or creating a new one, the editing window (the box where you type your material) is obscenely tall - it stretches so far down you have to hit Page Down NINE TIMES (yes, nine times) to get to the bottom. It's a major, major pain in the ass. There must be a way to rectify this. I'm praying my problem is not the same hopeless one as seen above...

  6. Yes it is the same thing! Apparently WP took out the option to customize the size of the editing/ posting window so now we're stuck with having to re size the damn thing every time we prepare a new or edit a post >,> I wish they could just put the re size options back to how they used to be! Absolutely annoying is what it is,

  7. Yes it is annoying and it affects all users and users who have upgraded their sites. The developers are definitely aware of this issue.

  8. Thank you again for the info, I really hope they get to fix it^^

  9. I hope you understand that the fix may not happen until the next WordPress upgrade.

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