Editing Your Own Comments

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    How do you edit your own comments posted on your own blog. I can see from My Dashboard, Comments and clicking on the persons name edits a comment but not my own, as my names not clickable?



    That is very strange… For me it is working fine and I am able to click on my name and others to edit their comments… (I got XP and IE7)

    Sorry could not suggest anything else :(



    What browser and version and OS are you using? And please provide a link to your blog. We can’t help you if we can’t see it.


    http://mswhs.com using ie7 and vista. Same in firefox too.


    Can I suggest that you guys (and girls) leave yourself a comment on a post and then try to edit it. If you suceed then please let me know!


    Looks like this is aproblem with the new interface!



    I’ve had no problems with it using FF My name is clickable under Manage Comments.

    Have you done the cookie dance? Cleared browser cache and cookies and done a forced reload of the page?

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