Editor deletes paragraph breaks within table cells

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    I have used a few different themes and have had this problem with all of them:
    I have a 2xN table with text in the cells. Many of the cells have multiple paragraphs of text (i.e. extra Enter key pressed after end of graf). Often when I save the page, the graf breaks disappear, meaning that the grafs runtogetherlikethis.





    This seems to happen in a random way. I have had to go back and fix random graf breaks again and again until the whole thing saves correctly, which usually takes several tries.

    Any idea what’s wrong and how to prevent this from happening? Or, any idea where I can find a better text editor that doesn’t have this problem?


    – bill.

    The blog I need help with is copyrightandtechnology.com.



    I’m thinking you may be successful if you use Windows Live Writer to publish to your blog as it does have an HTML table function. Would you like to try it?


    This is possibly due to the fact that there isn’t paragraph styling declarations in the CSS for table cells. What you might have to do is manually add paragraph tags at the beginning and end of each paragraph in the table cells such as below.

    <p>1st paragraph text here</p>
    <p>2nd paragraph text here</p>

    The Windows Live Writer solution would be much more simple though as it will likely put the paragraph tags in automatically for you.


    Thanks to both of you for these good suggestions. I am going to try Windows Live Writer.



    Please do let us know hoe you make out using Windows Live Writer.



    edit: hoe was meant to be how, of course lol :D


    OK, I tried Windows Live Writer. Once you get used to a few quirks, it’s not bad. One fairly serious problem is that the text goes on top of my header image instead of below it. I don’t see a way to fix this.

    I tried inserting manual <p>…</p> tags within the table cells. This did not work; the built-in editor eats these, just as it eats the manual line breaks.

    Neither solution is ideal. What’s needed is just a better built-in editor for WordPress. Is there one from a third party?

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