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    I wish we had all been warned about the new editor. For those of us using computers, it makes no sense to have the editor squeezed into the middle of the screen, and it’s now not possible for people to click on a photo in a post to see the larger version. I found this much slower for me to use than the old version, despite the claims that it is faster.



    I wish we had all been warned about the new editor. I find it a huge nuisance, been nowr quite “familial” with the beep boop one and, above all, with the old WordPress Admin.
    Some feedback:

      Keeping the toolbar at the top while scrolling is frustrating to scroll back up every time I need the toolbar.
      Easy editing of images from Media Library to post. Before, I had the option to edit alignment, links and size from the Media Library page. Now I cannot figure out how to do any of these without going through several extra steps, or manually editing the HTML.
      I do not find the add pictures to an uploaded gallery. I enter edit gallery–no add.
      The category and tag options — the category is default set to “Uncategorized” and when adding categories, I have to manually remove that one. A nuisance.
      And finally the font color in the Visual editor is too light for me. My vision is not great, and I have to strain my eyes to see it.

    So I’ll stick to the old WP Admin… But, stop! I hear you are planning to remove Links to that editor and you will need to access WP Admin using a bookmark or by typing in /wp-admin at the end of your home page link. What a nonsense!
    Please, revert to the old editor or at least let people to choose between new/old, and don’t, DON’T touch wp Admin links.
    Sorry to say that because I’m a huge fan of WP.
    Count another vote for getting everything back.



    i wish there was a setting to insert links for full-size photos automatically like in the old media. it’s really hard to guess how to link to full-size now in the new editor.



    Hey WordPress management. Are you listening to your customers? Do you give a damn what we think or want? Are you that much smarter then everyone else? Do you understand the concept of customer service?

    Sorry maybe I’m not be positive but the emperor has no clothes.


    I can’t find the button to save manually. ( I blog on a tablet.) I live with connectivity issues, and being able to save immediately is important. I thought it was me, that I was overlooking something. Now I learn on timethief’s blog that the manual save button doesn’t exist on this “new” version. Wasted time spent searching for something that doesn’t exist anyway. I wonder what other features I spend time looking for, feeling incompetent that I can’t locate something that should be obvious, and not knowing it isn’t there anyway.



    Some things have definitely improved, but a few things are lacking. Here’s my list (sorry, I’m sure some of this is repetitive):

    –Bring back word count. I really miss it.
    –Decrease font of Title, so I can see it all in my draft. Or at least let it wrap.
    –Remove default “Uncategorized” category. Currently I have to remember to uncheck it even after I’ve selected a category.
    –What happened to drag-and-drop for media uploads?
    –It sure would be nice if I could copy and paste into image captions. Currently I’m having to rekey names and such and don’t like the idea of accidentally creating typos.

    Thanks for your time!



    Please bring back the toolbar in the HTML editor. I am missing it a lot. I do all my work in this editor. Please! Thanks!



    Sorry but I am not finding the new editor very photo friendly and being a photographer… this is frustrating. Is there an easy way to link the photos to the full size images. Thanks for your patience and your help.



    All I wanted was a semiprofessional looking site, not a lot to ask. Being new to this sort of thing support is a must have. However, it does not exist at WP. So we are own our own for figuring things out.
    So I have to settle for my site looking like crap for now until I can figure out how to get past the BS WP is doing.
    In the meantime, at least there is the Admin Dashboard, however it is more difficult to work with menus and categories in that. Yup, they have made bonehead changes there as well.
    Unfortunately, we are stuck with WP if we want to have a site or blog until either something else comes along or WP goes under. I’ll take either one.


    @cindygurmann We don’t have a timeline yet, word count has already been added and some of the other requests are actively being worked on but too early to say how long they will take



    Thanks for your reply . It would be very helpful to get some kind of notification as to what corrections, add-backs, etc have been accomplished so we have a sense of when the editor is at a level that we each can use. Until then I will continue to rely on the admin editor.


    @notesbytom The new Editor does not support Markdown yet. It does support the formatting shortcuts from WordPress 4.3. If you would like true Markdown support the WP Admin editor still supports this and is available by adding /wp-admin/post-new.php to the end of your site address.


    How do i make my images clickable? Was so easy on the previous version, not impressed…


    @ciupico @pieonthetrail @veryfungi @sistersthree

    To make the images open full-size when clicked, after inserting an image click the image, then click the link icon in the toolbar. This will auto-fill the full-size image URL, which you can save to return to the previous behavior.


    @philbolsta As long as text appears below the <br class="spacer_" /> tag in the HTML tab it should not be stripped when switching to Visual mode. In my testing it was only removed when switching to Visual when it was the last content in the post.

    If you’re still having trouble with this could you upload the HTML tab contents to Pastebin and reply with the link here and I’ll be happy to test it further.


    @mrbisogno At this time the shortlink is only available after a post is published, but we will look into making it available pre-publish in the future.


    @updedesigns Hi Dave! The classic WP Admin editor can still be accessed by adding /wp-admin/post-new.php to the end of your site address.


    @picklesmarket You can access the WP Admin dashboard for your site by adding /wp-admin/ to the end of your site address.


    @asimplelotus You should be able to paste the image link on a line of its own in the post content and it will be embedded automatically. If there’s an image you’re having trouble embedding by adding it on its own line just reply with the link and I’ll be happy to take a closer look!


    @thanks for the compliments and glad to hear the menu issue cleared up on its own :)

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