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    Indeed, @timethief. I did find your solution on another page through a Google search. Thanks.



    That is good news. Happy blogging. :)


    Thank you for all your help so far. One more question, when I change the date on a post it also changes the link. Any possibility to edit the date and not change the link or add the original link ?
    Thank you so much.



    The answer is no. Every post URL has the date stamp in it.


    Thank you very much.



    You’re welcome.



    I don’t like it.
    The new editor … looks pretty… but it takes away some of the functionality of the old editor.

    The biggest peeve is that I can no longer enter a series of tags separated by commas in order to have them all go in at once. I manage several sites, and we cross-post articles on a regular basis. Having to re-enter every single tag individually cuts into efficiency and makes the whole process take longer.

    Also, the “Share This” tool in Reader defaults to the new editor interface, whereas just a week ago it was popping up a new window that allowed for the tag list to be entered all at once.

    Updates for the sake of updates, if you ask me. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Because now you have to fix it again.



    right? there are so many “old” features that have been removed from the new editor, and for what? it isn’t any clearer to use, and in fact, the interface tends to blend into itself. i troubleshoot for WordPress users occasionally, and when i describe how to do something, it doesn’t work because they somehow got on the “new” editor without any easy way to get back.

    not everything newer is better. change for change sake is silly. if it works, roll with it. sometimes you just can’t make something better than it is.

    i really think you will end up losing potential new users, because they think WordPress can’t do something, when it can, it just isn’t obvious how.

    it’s kind of like how “the new” Windows duplicated SOME of the functions of its Control Panel to its new Settings app, and has a clear link to Settings but no obvious link to the “old” Control Panel, which has ALL the tools…



    Feature images: if I want to go back to an old post and add a featured image, the new editor does not give me the option (in the media library) to show only those images that were uploaded to that post. The old editor has that option.
    It was suggested to me by one of the WordPress techs that I could simply search the library for media of the same date that the post was written – but search does not look at the date field. It doesn’t search by post title, either. You have to know some part of the name of the image when it was uploaded, I guess.


    I tried this interface and I loved it – but where did it go??? The first few times, each time I started a New Post, I was given the option of moving to the new interface. Now, that option is gone. I’ve tried to find it but I can’t, anywhere. Please put me out of my misery and let me know where it’s gone!




    @greylocks I’ve made note of your request. Thanks!



    @scifi4me I’ve made note of your request as well. And rest assured, this is not change for change’s sake.


    got it thank you!



    @supernovia — what’s being done to address these concerns? Saying that you’ve made a note of our issues doesn’t mitigate the issues.

    I’d like the old interface functionality back. I don’t like having to duplicate efforts when I repost items from another location.



    @scifi4me, we have a few tools where we track feature requests. From there we try to prioritize which ones will help most (tracking your “votes” helps with that), and then we add those features. I realize this is a very long thread, but if you’ve read it, you’ll see that many of the features folks requested have indeed been implemented. Also, if you want to use wp-admin, you may. The menus and links won’t lead you there automatically, but you can bookmark the page.



    @supernovia — yeah.. that’s not helpful at all. My goal is to AVOID doing the work all over again.



    The lack of advanced picture editing 5 months after the release of the new editor is shocking to me. I need to tweak every single picture I add because the defaults are terrible (I know this is a theme issue but I’m stuck with my theme now).



    @bstassen can you start a new thread with more details, and add the modlook tag? Please include the process you’re using with each post. Thanks.



    tried the new editor some times.
    yes it’s a really fast editor
    but I’m having problems with inserted
    [sourcecode language = "cpp"]
    the ditor gets confused with

    and more.
    So I still prefer the classic editor

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