editor function in appearance is missing

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    Can someone please help me with my problem?
    I want to delete the “leave a reply”-function from my pages (static pages) and in all forums they say ‘appearance –> editor’ and change the code. so far so good. but under appearance there is no editor.
    can i get it somehow or is there another way?

    thank you very much

    The blog I need help with is khayelitshatravel.wordpress.com.



    It is not the editor function for this. You need to point your mouse on

    Pages >> All Pages

    Now hover on your static pages one by one and clicking on Quick Edit text.

    You will get something like this picture:


    If you notice the picture, you will see that Allow Comments (pointed by RED arrow) is not ticked.

    So if you have a tick, remove it and don’t forget to UPDATE your changes.

    Do this one by one on all the static pages and all blog posts where you don’t want comment box (Leave a Reply box)

    Hope this helps.


    @ktpia, there are two types of wordpress sites. You are reading stuff that applies to self-hosted wordpress sites, not sites hosted here at wordpress.com.

    Do as @jtanna01 suggests and the commenting stuff will be removed from your static pages.

    You can also use the “bulk edit” function to turn comments off on more than one page at a time: http://en.support.wordpress.com/pages/edit-pages-screen/ .



    editor function in appearance is missing


    There is no “Appearance → Editor” function at wordpress.com. That only applies to self-hosted sites.

    We can edit the CSS here at wordpress.com (with the Custom Design Upgrade) but we cannot edit the underlying theme PHP script files since this is a multi-user platform and we all share the same underlying theme and core wordpress files.

    CSS only allows you to stylize the themes here, you cannot use it to change or add functionality.

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