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Editor Invite To a Blog

  1. Good day.I have a problem...a friend of mine made a blog and he invited me on his blog as an editor...But how can i post on his blog...Everytime i go to this link it sais that i don't have an blog.
    Please tell me what to do.

  2. Did he just email you and say "come blog on my blog" or did he send you an official Invitation? He has to Invite you officially. Now that you have a identity, it should be easy for him to do on his Users page.

  3. Howdy Sorin,

    You have been invited to create a free account
    by Radu from To accept this invitation,

    Radu personalized this invitation by writing:
    "Salut! Sper sa faci o treaba buna !
    Echipa Dexteri

    The Team

    PS. If you are new to blogging check out:

  4. This is the message i recived from him

  5. Have them Add you using the account information you have used to log in here.

    The invites are slightly different depending on if you have an account or not. One is Add the other is Invite.

  6. I didnt have an account when he send me that email:(

  7. Well, now you do, so now he needs to Invite you not to have a blog, but to be a writer on his site. He needs to go to his user page and set you as a writer.

  8. Ok thanks i will post later when he comes online if worked or not

  9. They should go to Dashboard>> Users >> Add User from Community - all they will need to do is put in your email that you use for your account here.

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