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Editor is removing list item 'value' attribute in my ordered list

  1. In my recent blog post, I created an ordered list. It is comprised of wrong answers on a test. Because of the nature of these wrong answers, the numbers aren't in sequence (3,8,9,15,20). I tried using the value attribute of each list item tag to specify what value should be displayed. It worked in the editor, but was lost after I published. Did I go about this the wrong way, or is it simply not possible / allowed?

  2. YOu won't be able to use the normal list function: you will have to use a blockquote and type in the numbers yourself. That should work.

  3. I was trying to use proper markup if possible. Lists should be in list tags. A block quote has extra spacing between each "item," the "item" text wraps under the numerals, it isn't a real list, and I am not happy with how it looks. LOL

    I am interested in ways to achieve my goal, or to find out why I can't. Thank you for your response.

  4. You should be able to hold down shift and hit enter/return and not get the extra line between paragraphs.

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