CURRENT ISSUE: Editor not saving changes

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    We have received numerous support emails and there is a very long thread about the editor not saving changes. Unfortunately, the amount of information in each report is not enough to diagnose the issue and I am unable to replicate it here. If you are having a problem, please leave the following information in this thread:

    1) Blog address (URL)

    2) Whether you are editing a post or a page

    3) The ID of the post/page you are having problems editing. If the post is published, a link to the post will work just as well.

    4) Whether you are using the editor with the two tabs (Visual and Code) or the editor without any tabs. If you are using the tabbed editor, which tab are you writing in?

    5) Which browser you are using (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc)

    6) Specific details of the problem. (what you were trying to add to the post, what (if any) errors were present, etc.

    I am closing other threads on this issue and any post in this thread without the necessary information will be removed as not to confuse things.



    This is the post in question I am having trouble editing:

    Please note that in order to make some revisions I have already deleted the first post with this title and created a new one. I use Firefox, and the visual editor (without any tabs). Whenever I try to edit text and save it, the editor ‘saves’ the document without making any of my changes.



    pogoer, I was able to edit your post a couple times using Firefox. (I changed “that nobody‚Äôs ever” to “that nobody has ever” and back) using various editors. Is this still a problem with your post?

    If it is, can you give me an example of what you’re trying to change? Thanks very much for your response.


    Hiya Barry; – I’m using Firefox Post named (composed in “visual” tab) should have text and a jpg image loaded yesterday) above the shown text. Post named (again composed in visual tab) should have an image which was loaded as I composed and posted the post. Each post is brand new in this incarnation – I posted the Lupins one under several titles using the same image named, deleted, renamed and deleted before going back to the original name and trying one more time. Yes, I was using the editor with two tabs but it was very slow moving from visual to code. I was also playing with using social bookmarking buttons and added about a dozen little gif and png files – when I tried to use them, they appeared across the bottom of the post and did link to the desired social site.

    One other thing I have noticed – where it shows me my usage (32% of 50 Mb) prior to yesterday it was showing 50%. It has dropped back to 32% – this may or may not be relevant. I hope I have covered everything – don’t hesitate to ask further questions if I have missed anything.



    Everything seems to be fine now. Thanks.



    This issue is resolved. If anyone is still having problems please try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and trying again.

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