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    I have tried dumping my cache, resetting for virtual editor and everything else offered in the forum database. While my blog articles publish just fine, in virtual editor 3 or 4 of the icons on the right are hidden and the fonts in editor are large.
    Additionally, fonts and my gravitar are larger than they were before. Yesterday, my screen in editor went from normal to a very small font, then a very large font and then finally settled as it currently displays. All of this with no action or urging on my part. All of the forgoing pertains to my laptop, everything displays correctly on my wife’s laptop and my desktop. I’ve always been able to fix problems with the editor in the past, but not this time.

    Any suggestions. I have tried everything offered thus far, unless I missed something.

    The blog I need help with is gadabout-blogalot.com.


    What browser are you using?


    Firefox 3.0.7 and if it matters that is what is on the other two computers I mentioned.



    Your question promted me to try my AVANT browser and I am pleased to say everything thing is normal with AVANT, but perplexed that firefox has become unsatable.

    If you have something else, I’d be pleased to recieve it, but I can function with AVANT.

    Thanks much,


    Go to the view menu in FF, then go to “zoom” then select “reset” and see if that doesn’t fix things for you.


    I did, it did and I really appreciate your help. wish I could return the favor. Sorry It took so long to get back, but I had to go to Albuturkey for a few hours.

    Take care,



    Chuck, not a problem and I’m glad that fixed it for you.

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