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Editor stopped working?

  1. I just tried to edit any of my existing posts and none of the text is loading into the text editor (not using rich text editor). Anyone know if this is happening elsewhere or just specific to me?

    I tried to edit multiple existing posts and each time the editor loaded without any of the existing text. The title and tags loaded along with everything else, just not the content.

    I contacted support, but wanted to make sure if it was global or just me... :)

  2. yeahh... I losted my post :(

  3. It seems to be happening to me when attempting to edit pages.

  4. Exactly. Who let that bug out of it's cage?? :-D)))

    I started an other thread about it but I marked it as resolved so that this one will be the main thread.

  5. Same thing happening to me. it must be a global problem.

  6. Omg. This just happend to me too! Wth is going on????

    This is heartbreaking.. it was a long post! Here's to hoping WordPress doesn't have to sleep with one eye open...

    Fix this!

  7. Get the DDT!!!

    I just checked and I see that too. One suggestion is that each time you go to save a post, highlight all the text and copy it to your clipboard (ctrl-c or cmd-c (mac)). That way if something goes wrong, you can paste it into a text editor to save it. You might also think about an offline editor such as BlogDesk and you won't end up losing stuff and as a side benefit, you will always have a copy of your posts on your hard drive.

  8. Also seeing this problem.

  9. this is wrenching. i spent a lot of time on that post!

    it's a good idea to copy and save your text to the clipboard....but why should we need to?

  10. I use MS Live Writer as an offline editor, but it has issues with img tags. It works great for just text and some of the plug-ins are great, especially the copy/paste from Visual Studio. It doesn't have the ability to edit tags since that's relatively new here and that's pretty much the only thing I use the WP editor for.

  11. The use of an offline blog editor is a life saver. I strongly recommend using one. They are free and easy to use. You write your posts in them and upload from the off-line editor directly to your blog. You always have a back up of every post and nothing is ever "lost".

  12. I have this problem too. sassifer, your post might not be completely lost. Go to your drafts, look in the full list, and you might see it there. You can't edit it, but you can view it, which means at some point you can copy and past the text. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

    I tried this about three times, just to see if it was a one time thing (I've had this happen periodically on wordpress over the past year) and it happened every time.

    thesacredpath, blogdesk sounds interesting.

  13. See below

  14. same here, i can upload text, but when i go back to edit it or add a photo, it's not there.

  15. My edit window is empty but all posts are still listed and I can still preview it. I've copied the source from the preview page and making sure I don't save the empty edit form.

    The edit form also shows empty for published posts.

  16. Yeah. I need help. I posted this huge post and I said the rest would be later. I NEED THIS FIXED BAD!!

  17. So wait.. I can see the headline and everything. But not the text, and this means it's not lost?

    The problem with mine is that I published it right as it vanished...

  18. For reference:
    Raincoaster's Workaround
    The workaround I found was to highlight all of the post (Control A on my machine) and copy it to the clipboard (control C) and, while everything was still highlighted, hit Publish. Then it went through without the warning coming up. See if that works for you. Even if you lose the post, you'll still have it on the clipboard and it's the work of a moment to do another.

    /nod to thesacredpath

  19. @teslaroo
    It's "technology," stuff happens, nothing is perfect. That's why you need to take precautions if you don't want to lose your work. I never trust technology completely.

  20. Same here ...

  21. you betcha, lesson learned, thesacredpath ;)

    no more innocence here!

  22. timethief, thanks for posting that list of blog editors. I've a mac, and blogdesk (and most of the list) is windows only. Qumana has an osx verison though. :)

  23. Same here........ Lost Everything I worked last 7 weeks!~!
    what should I do? go kill myself?

  24. WordPress has an autosave feature.

    Before you are convinced that you have lost a post please look here
    -> Manage -> Posts
    Now look for the -> Status button and click it
    Next in the drop down menu select "Drafts"
    Now click "Filter" and look for your draft.

    There are also backups
    And Google has a cache.

    Please do not panic. Go through the steps listed above and remain calm.

  25. I just reported a similar issue with the comment editor. I ended up deleting my comment as it was less trouble than copy/pasting it in order to correct it.

  26. *deep breaths*

    Everybody.. with me.. Inhaaaaaaale.... exhaaaaaaaale.. we can make it through this crisis..

  27. @deboradurant
    You're welcome. :)

    Did you take the steps that I posted above?

  28. publishing doesn't work either. i tried writing a new post. the headline shows up, that's it.

  29. Yes. Did you see my reply post? Mine is not a draft. It's been published.

    I followed the link... lovely for me to find that my post doesn't exist there either =-)

  30. Also, sometimes if you click the back button on your browser you can get back to the page with the stuff still there.


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