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Editor stopped working?

  1. Thanks, Timethief. You can view your post there, but you can't edit it. Which goes back to the original point: the editor appears to broken.

  2. So great we can all take the day off while it gets "fixed". ;)

    @sassifer - now understood - sorry - See the instructions I left on the other page) look under "published" instead of "draft" also look under "private" before you give up hope.

  3. It is being fixed as I type.

  4. I lost a post as well on this...

  5. It is now fixed.
    I'm really sorry that happened..

  6. Thanks for fixing it so quickly, Mark!

  7. Hurrah!

  8. My post is still gone....

  9. thanks so much for your quick reponse to our freaking outness ~ i was a lucky girl in that dh just reminded me i'd sent him a draft to preview. whew. hope others have had similar types of luck!

    satisfied wordpress customer since 2006

  10. Just happened to me. I went back and refreshed but that post was all gone. So I went to Photobucket to get all the image codes again. So I quickly fixed my entry. Just spooked me for a bit.

  11. @sassifer
    did you check under manage posts and select "draft" from the pulldown and then hit filter?

  12. Oi.. how many times do i have to say this on here..

    it is NOT a draft. It was published after it vanished. I have NO drafts...

  13. Mark, is there any way my post will return or is all hope lost ?

  14. Sorry I didn't go back through 41 posts to see if it was published or a draft.

  15. Sassifer, can you click back and keep on clicking back on your mouse until you get back to that page and then copy everything?

  16. @sassifer
    There's a split second between "draft" and "published" status and your were clicking the publish button at the time this happened. Also sometimes instead of "published" a post status can somehow get marked "private".

    I have on three separate occasions found posts that I thought were forever lost. Please give it a try. You have nothing to lose and this has worked for me in the past.

  17. Yes, it would really be very nice if the drafts and post could be returned to us, please?

  18. timethief - I forgot where "Private" can be found?

  19. I've gone as far back as physically possible. The post is empty...

    No private posts either..

  20. Same issue here, no 'Page Content' when editing my pages, though the ;Page Title' remains.

    -Windows XP MCE (with all MS critical patches),
    -Firefox 2 ( (both with and without SandboxIE, and with NoScript extension, with WordPress and Google-Analytics allowed.
    -MS IE 7 (7.0.5730.11)

    Thanks to timethief for the offline editors. The only additional suggestion I have for those who lost their updates is (obviously) to use the back button and copy the content to notepad or to one of the offline editors mentioned.

    The selection for 'Published', Draft' and 'Private' are on the side when MANAGEing your PAGE, under 'Page Status'. (Below 'Discussion' and above 'Password')
    -2nd Edit-
    I can edit THIS, interestingly. I did not lose content, since I used the back button before ssaving, so can't say how the fixes work.
    Steve - NewOrderrr

  21. @universalgeni

    Hi there :)

    WordPress has an autosave feature. There are also backups
    And Google has a cache.

    Before you are convinced that you have lost a post please look here
    -> Manage -> Posts
    Now look for the -> Status button and click it
    Next in the drop down menu select "Drafts" and "Any" date
    Now click "Filter" and look for your draft.

    If you think you have lost a "published" post then look for it in "drafts" and in "private" status before giving up and visa versa.

    If that is not a success and the post was published you may be able to find it in Google's cache.

  22. My humble suggestion is to look into an offline editor so that this can't happen.

    Windows Live Writer
    Mars edit:
    ScribeFire (Firefox plugin type formerly Performancing):

  23. @thesacredpath
    Are those for macs or for pc's? ;)

    Let's co-author a post on this, ok?

  24. Most are available for both. I hadn't finished my list and just noticed blogdesk is missing.

  25. Dear timetheif - hallo to you too and thank you. I just went over the list but I can't find "Private" anywhere? I have no idea what that is?

  26. @TT
    That's a good idea.

  27. the Editor is fixed, sure. But what about all of us who can't find our posts anywhere?

  28. Univeralgeni, look above to my or timethief's last few posts.

  29. Oh, check the RSS feeds!!!!

  30. And sure enough, my comments have magically re-appeared in an open edit window / tab. Again, I never saved any 'empty' posts.

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