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Editor was changed?

  1. So, I used to be able to edit the body of the post and be able to scroll independent of the window scroll (meaning only the text and pictures would scroll).

    That slider no longer appears when I edit a post. Before I bitch to hell and high heaven, let me ask if there is some setting I might have accidentally turned on (or off) that removed that slider (although I've not visited the control panel for a while).

    If not, and if this is an actual change, let me add my tiny-voice feedback. It sucks! Especially in long posts, where to interact with the "save" "preview", categories and tags I now have to scroll all the way to the beginning. It makes interactive editing - where I check the effect of position, etc. a needlessly frustrating chore.

    Please let me know which scenario best describes this change, if indeed it is a change.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff did this change and they're not going to change it back. There are several threads on the issue in the forum already. There's nothing you can to to revert to the old way, I'm afraid.

  3. I have the same problem and added with it I also can not edit any of my galleries inside any of my posts.
    If they can't revert this feature back to the old way, I will have to close my blog, because I can not do any work in it - that is my reality.
    Do you have links to the other threads?

  4. @galois
    Sorry about the overlap.There may be other threads too. I tagged all threads U found with "editor issues"and with "modlook".

  5. No problem, TT. Good day to you. :)

  6. @galois
    If you have the time to look for more threads like these and tag them the same way please do it. I'm busy ghosting the threads of new volunteers and making corrections where required ... sigh

  7. Of course, TT.

  8. Thanks so much.

  9. @timethief
    I'll check through the threads I answered this morning for ones that might be related.

  10. @kokkieh
    Thanks.I think there are probably threads scattered about that haven't been located and tagged yet.

  11. Thanks all for the feedback.

    Not that "staff" listens to users, but this is yet another reason I'm leaning toward departing the WordPress camp.

    Every incremental "improvement" makes the experience more irritating.

    Now, if it were free, I would not bother bitching, but I pay for no ads, extra space, special fonts, and to add videos. The fact they don't seem to care much about the user experience is beginning to wear on me.

    Not a threat, but a fact; looking around to a few alternatives.

  12. Hi there!

    As timethief linked, we're tracking feedback on this change in this thread:

    We really appreciate constructive feedback about why you don't like the changes, with specifics. Those types of comments are a great thing to add to that thread.

    If you just have insults, then it would not be very constructive or helpful to add. is always experimenting to try to get better. We genuinely care about hearing constructive feedback if you have any, and we always take your ideas back to our developers.

    If the changes we make here are disruptive in a way that requires you leave, we'll be sad to see you go, but we understand. Your content is your own and we put no restrictions on your ability to take that content with you at any time.

    Thanks ahead of time for any thoughtful and positive feedback about the recent editor changes.

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