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    This is probably a dumb question, as logic would suggest that each password will be different but I would appreciate some advice. I have a nuber of blogs all on the same account but I want to open one up to include other authors or editors, to allow other people some control over posting, replying to comments, etc. Do they create their own username/password to access my blog? I only want them to be able to contribute to this specific blog and not the other ones I host on that account. I know…it’s probably a “Duh!” question but this is the first time I am inviting other users. Many thanks for any replies.

    The blog I need help with is longcountpoetry.wordpress.com.



    When you invite users to your blog they will have to signup for a wordpress.com account, if they don’t have already one. They will use that separate login account to access your blog. They are invited to that specific blog and can’t access other blogs of yours.
    Is it clear now? Not a dumb question by the way.

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