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    Ascetica theme….
    I want to edit/remove the menu in the top right corner. It doesn’t seem to be my custom menu widget nor can I find any other way to remove it. I’ve been stumped for hours. I’ve searched all kinds of forums but no one else has had this problem.

    My ultimate goal is to display my menu through a widget and completely control the top right menu which seems to come default with your theme. Any help would be great.

    Also, I don’t use any code. Is that practical for someone like me who wants to have a future strong online blog presence?

    The blog I need help with is adamsylvester.wordpress.com.



    You do control the top menu. See this post of mine:


    Justpi, thanks.I used that exact page a few weeks ago to learn about custom menu widgets…but I don’t think it solves my question.

    So is the solution to make my menu empty? So it appears (on my blog homepage) that there isn’t a menu in the header?


    And if I chose to use the menu instead of a widget menu, how can I move it from the top right sidebar to the left sidebar? I don’t view myself as a beginner but I feel like one right now….




    My post has the exact answers to all your questions.
    1) If you wish to make the top right menu display other items than those it does by default, you create a custom menu, add the items you want, select that menu from the Theme locations pulldown.
    2) If you wish to remove the top right menu, you create a custom menu, add nothing to it, select that menu from the Theme locations pulldown.
    3) If you wish to display a menu in the left sidebar instead of the top right one, you eliminate the top menu as per 2, then you create a second menu, add the items you want to it, go to Appearance > Widgets, add a Custom Menu widget to the left sidebar and select that second menu from the widget pulldown.

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