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    I have repeatedly updated/ saved an edit in this post, yet the original text still stands, even after closing my browser and restarting.

    The change is way down in the overly long post. Original text below (in my editor the change is saved, but it doesn’t show when I view the post, only this original text):

    ~Fixing mistakes~
    For any braid, unbraiding is the best way to understand the structure of the braid, and is usually the only way to fix a mistake. It’s usually a bad idea to drop the loops and try to unpick the braid. Instead, keep the loops on the fingers, and carefully reverse/ undo your braiding moves, last one first, beginning with the loop-shifting moves if those were your last moves. After unbraiding a few times the process becomes more straightforward and streamlined.
    Before passing a loop back through the loops it originally came through, I wrap the end of the loop once around the tip of the finger that’s holding it, so it will stay in place as it is pushed back through the loops. I find it easier to use the a-finger to hold the loop when sending it back, rather than the d-finger. I demo this briefly at the end of the video in the link below.

    I guess I’ll stop editing for now…Would be good to know if this is a bug, or what!

    The blog I need help with is loopbraider.com.



    oops, here’s a shortlink to the post:



    I’m having the same problem at this moment. I’m writing a new post and when I hit preview, regardless of how many times I save the draft, it is no longer showing any new text. Maybe there is a glitch in the system right now?



    I am having the same problmem too, SO ANNOYING



    I finally got my preview to update but when I published the post it doesn’t show up on my home page (only as its individual post) as of 3:30pm EST.

    This is the post, http://wp.me/pc1LK-M8

    But it’s not appearing on the home page yet, acidfreepulp.com


    Same here. All the previews showed no updates. I tried to publish it and it didn’t publish correctly (showed only the first draft) and it didn’t have the correct url, so I changed it back to a draft.

    Hope this gets fixed soon as I and others have new blog posts to write and publish today.


    I’m having the same problem. My edits don’t show up in preview.


    I’ve been having the same problem but when I logged out and THEN checked the relevant pages all the edits were showing up as they should. So it seems as if the edits we make are actually working but that they don’t show up properly for us when we’re signed in to our account.


    Same problem the edits are in the dashboard but not showing in the posts.



    NOTE: I went crazy this morning when the edits I made were not displaying. There is some kind of caching issue (delay) going on that is crazymaking. Don’t be surprised if after 5 minutes or so suddenly the edited version displays.

    Tagged for Staff attention!


    I did notice that TT 5/10 minutes and it was fixed



    We had a brief issue yesterday that was resolved. Everything should be functioning normally again.


    Sorry to say the issue is not fixed.

    I have just edited these three posted and it did not work, you will see the tags etc i added in the dashboard.




    I’m sorry you’re still having difficulty with editing your posts. However, I’m not sure I understand where the issue is.

    For the post http://poetscornerblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/how-do-you-count-your-tears/

    I see the following published tags:
    emotion, poem, poems, poetry, poetry blog, poets, poets corner, sadness, tears

    Which corresponds with the tags you have set in your Dashboard:


    Right, I just went back and they have now updated, but I thought the issue was fixed.



    All of a sudden this same problem that I thought was fixed is happening again, only worse!

    The saved edit to my page not only doesn’t show up when I click to “view page”, it is also stripped out/ not there in the editor as well! Previously, when this was happening, the change would take effect in the editor, but not show up for readers. Now the change is not there, period, after I click “update”.

    I re-added one simple text change several times, now have given up.
    No point working on this page or anything else right now, obviously. Hope it’s fixed when I come back, am hoping to get this published soon…



    OOPS, sorry–nevermind , I realized what the problem was!
    I was working in the text editor mode and had inserted a side comment within those < and > symbols which I guess are only for html in the text editor mode. When I used those symbols in the visual editor the comment wasn’t stripped out….
    Sorry to waste time and space here on the forums…

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