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    Hi guys, looking to shift all of the content on my about page to the right. I want to keep it centred relative to itself (like the IMVERYAPE is still centred compared to the menu), but have it all shifted to the right, so that the turquoise “comments” ends up in the centre of the page.

    I would also like to change my background image for the about page.

    Any tips?

    Thanks guys!

    The blog I need help with is imveryape.com.


    This will do what you want, I think, but as you can see, it forces the main content container width to be 1150px in width and that means anyone with a monitor resolution less that about 1250px in width is going to have to scroll horizontally in order to see all of your page content, and for those people everything is going to appear as if it is mistakenly shifted to the right (comments will be along the right browser border with a huge amount of white space to the left of them.

    .page-id-2 #container {
        width: 1150px;
    .page-id-2 #contents {
        margin-left: 500px;
        width: 650px;

    For the background image, do as I showed in the other thread on the background and content background except replace .archive with .page-id-2 (the about page).

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