Edits to earlier imported posts show up as new posts in feed

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    I’m having a weird issue whereby if I edit a post I imported from Blogger (all posts before Feb-March 2012), even doing something as simple as adding a tag, it shows up in Google Reader as a new post and on people’s blogrolls as my latest post, even if the date stamp (which doesn’t change in my dashboard) is a year old. This does not happen if I edit more recent posts written in WP.

    This link explains the issue and my tests.

    I wasn’t following myself until someone alerted me to this issue and I began testing, so I have no idea if it was happening before.

    I periodically update tags–any idea how to avoid spamming people with “new” posts when I do this? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is slywit.wordpress.com.



    It’s generally not worth updating tags, as you won’t appear on the tag pages except back at like Page 8999 of the tag.

    One workaround that might work for you, though, is to set the post to Private, edit it, then update, then make it public.



    It’s more for my organization and fastidiousness than anything else. Plus I do sometimes edit for other reasons.

    Thanks for the idea for a workaround though. I will test it.

    Since this is only happening on my older posts that were imported, your solution makes me wonder whether there might be some sort of setting that gets checked (or not) on import that I could switch on or off.

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