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    I’m thinking about creating a WordPress site thru my Siteground host, for the purpose of education. I’d like to build a site for all my EFL classes. I’m now using Moodle, and am frustrated & disappointed in that dinosaur.

    I have questions for the people here who have experience using WordPress as a class homepage platform:

    First is which to go with, a WordPress education theme or plug-in? I’ve got 18 classes of 7 separate subjects at 3 different universities. That’s about 400 students. Theme or plug-in, which can handle this load?

    Secondly, what about tracking? Can themes or plug-ins, or both help me track Ss?

    Another Q is flexibility. Themes or plug-ins, which can handle uploading files, self-testing quizzes, and videos?

    Any help to clear the fog on this topic for me would be appreciated.

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