EEEK! Blog mixup!

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    I’ve emailed support, but was wondering if this has happened to anyone else–my personal blog theme and links ( have gotten mixed up with a political blog I set up ( and now the political one has the same theme and header as the personal one, but its own page titles, which link to the wrong blog (so a page from the political blog, say “Helsinki”, which used to be at, now points to, where of course there’s nothing.

    Since it’s election season, the political site was getting many hits, and so I’m freaking out. Any ideas, people? At least the old content is still there on the edit pages, but I’m wondering if I should take backups of some sort…?



    This has happened to me a couple of times in the last couple of weeks. Support has been kind, but haven’t witnessed the problem, so they can’t recommend any fixes beyond the basic. Try refreshing your browser, change browsers, restart computer.

    Just so you know, it does go back to normal in a short while (think one or two hours).




    It’s entirely possible that your blog is affected by the recent bug with CSS formatting. As you’ve reported to Support they will get on it (if they aren’t already), but in the meantime try the suggestions in the first two posts of this thread:

    Fingers crossed!




    Just had a quick look and your blogs seem fine to me. :)



    Either support is super incredibly lightning-fast, or they were working on something else and this was a side-effect. Works now, thank God.

    Hope this doesn’t happen too often…if it can behave itself for just one more week, that would be just lovely.

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