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Eek! Totally confused about dns, pointing domain names and other technical terms

  1. So a few years ago after much angst and gnashing of teeth I managed to point my domain name to my blog. I forgot to renew the domain name, was distracted by other shiny things in life and now find myself back in the angsty, gnashing of teeth place.
    I own my domain name, I've done the upgrade domain mapping thing and still nothing. The domain hosting place has a simple 'web forward' thingy but do I need to do something from the WordPress side?
    Completely bewildered, I shouldn't be allowed near computers.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How can we help you when you did not provide the URL of this expired domain?

  3. OOPS! delete the word "expired" and simply provide the domain URL please.

  4. You should domain map your domain name - the "web forward thingy" will just dump visitors here and will be a bit confusing and such

    You should map an existing domain name - see below for instructions:

    Do you have email associated with the domain name? If so please see below to get started:

  5. Domain name

    I've no idea what you need to help me. Hence my bewilderment. I just want to write a dumb blog.

  6. Thanks auxclass, I've tried that, but will give it another whirl.

    I've changed the name servers before but maybe left one of the old ones on, or maybe just haven't waited long enough.

    72 hours is a long friggin' time to wait and find out I've done it wrong! :-)

  7. Wait - I even got my own domain name wrong! Sheesh!

    The correct one is

  8. We cannot do this for you. Remain calm and carry on.

  9. You might need a zone record for things to finish - I have flagged this for the staff to add a zone record for you -

    It looks like you have the domain mapping done correctly - but the name servers are not pointing here - sometimes not having a zone record will prevent the name servers from pointing correctly - give the change name servers at your registrar a try and if you get an error message or they won't change then it is probably a zone record problem and the staff can fix that

  10. Having both the blog here you need help with as well as the custom domain name helps us to give you accurate help - in this case I was able to look at domain helper and see that you had done part of what needs to be done

  11. Awesome! Thanks, very helpful.

    I tried the add a dns zone thing and it said I didn't specify a valid domain name. I tried telling it verbally that I bloody well did, but it's a screen and stared at me impassively with the big red box.

    So, your advice is now to sit and wait? And some wonderful Internet WordPress whizz kids will sort the DNS zone record for me? That sounds like something I can actually achieve. :-)

  12. So, your advice is now to sit and wait? And some wonderful Internet WordPress whizz kids will sort the DNS zone record for me?

    Yes that is correct - don't know about the whiz kids part, but the staff is good a fixing these things

  13. It looks like your domain's pointing properly to your blog now!

    If you would like your domain to appear in your browser's address bar when you visit your blog (instead of your subdomain), you'll need to go ahead and change your blog's primary domain. To do so, just head to Store -> Domains in your blog's dashboard and check the "Primary" box next to your domain.

  14. Heeey Presto!!

    Brilliant - you ARE whizz kids!

    Now I can write my dumb blog that I'll probably lose interest in again after a month.

    My first post might be how to point a dumb domain name to a dumb blog. (Hint - ask the whizz kids)

    Thank you. :-)

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