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Effect of Updating a Post

  1. mannerofspeaking

    Hello all.

    When I blog, I try to be a rigorous as possible in my drafting and editing before I hit that Publish button. I know that when I hit "Publish" the post goes live, emails wing their way to my subscribers, the RSS feed kicks into action, WP sends pings all over the place for me, etc.

    Occasionally, I detect a typo or something that I want to change after I publish. I make the change and then hit "Update". Question: When you update a blog post, do all of the actions described in the paragraph above happen all over again or not?

    I tried to find the answer but could not. Thanks for letting me know.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. No.
    You can update as much as you like with a clear conscience that no one is suffering from an overload of pings, emails, or feeds.

  3. I've seen you posting here in the forums in the last few days, but I'd like to let you know that it is polite to include a link to your blog, starting with http:// when asking questions here. Often we volunteers need to take a look at your blog to be sure you are in the right forum or to see technical things.

    You can also link your blog to your name. It helps us, and when you comment on other people's blogs you have a nice polite link back to your own blog:
    (second item)

  4. mannerofspeaking

    Thanks very much, Tess.

    Sorry about not posting my blog. Whenever I see the comments of others, however, there has always been a link built in to their name (like yours) that takes me to their blog. I also filled out the blog link in the form when I asked the quesion. So I assumed (wrongly) that there would be a link back to my blog. Now I know.

    Meanwhile, here is my blog link:



  5. Hi John,
    You are welcome.

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