Effects of changing my blog title, blog name i.e., url and blog username?

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    I would like to change my blog title and blog name i.e, url to match the title. I see that the process to do so is by going into ‘my blogs’ under ‘dashboard’. My concerns are:

    1. If I change the blog title which is currently ‘Food Paradise’ and then also change the my blog url which is currently ‘http://arcsfoodparadise.com’, can or will I still retain my current blog traffic and comments and contents of my blog?

    2. I already have a purchased custom domain (.com), so even if i change the url and name can that same purchase be valid or will I have to purchase the domain again?

    3. I see an option/field of change username when I try to change the blog url. Can I keep the old username now and then change it sometime later?

    4. If I change the username too, will my pins on pinterest or shares be forwarded to a dead end, or to my new url address?

    Sorry about all the questions, but I just want to be sure before I make the change.



    The blog I need help with is arcsfoodparadise.com.



    The effects of changing each of these things are different.

    1) no, you will not. Changing the URL drops your pagerank to zero and you start all over again. The contents remain the same. I would never EVER change from one whatever.wordpress.com URL to another, although I do recommend changing from that to a whatever.com address via the Custom Domain option.

    2) for god’s sake, if you’re going to use a Custom Domain your underlying URL will not even be visible, so why would you ever change it in the first place? Don’t want your current SEO, pagerank, and traffic? Want to destroy them?

    3) You don’t need to change the username, but if you want to you can change it at any time. Warning: LOTS of people then have problems accessing their own blogs’ admin pages. We don’t know why that is.

    4) the username will not affect any of the links.


    thanks for your response!

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