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EGOCENTRIC? ! I wish to share my autobiography.How, Where?

  1. Hi there, I am endeavouring to put my life story out there to have people laugh/ cry, think and enjoy. I have started my autobiography on (,) "a life in the day/lotuseker" , starting from my birth working up to here 64 years later. So far I have had 1,728 hits.
    ( at present? I am at age 17 arriving in Liverpool, England, chapter 58.) . I feel I have a life story of jocular worth and hopefully a book deal? hahaha.( read , and make your judgment).The vernacular is Jermain to the era, 50's, 60's , and ongoing as the years run by to the present. Can I post it here? there? or where? ideas? please respond?
    thanks. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have a blog these kind of posts are best posted their this is a technical support forum for related issues.

  3. I would suggest, under the category of "How" that you avoid the use of ALL CAPS.

  4. I apologise for my ignorance. Just searching for a posting ground.... but that being YOU have any suggestions? :)

  5. You've got a blog: just write in it. Take a look at this one for inspiration:

    Also, do a search of the forum. You'll find TONS of good suggestions here and in the Off Topic forum.

  6. AHH, OFF TOPIC! thank you Very much. :)

  7. You're welcome. There's also a forum just for self-promotion, so check it out.

  8. Am having difficulty in finding "post" button , or , importing from "". ideas?
    ps. have you read , past asesment if worth posting my auto.?
    ........."a lief in the day/lotuseker"

  9. Hi lotuseker,
    Here is the self promotion link and also the off topic forum (check out the stickies on this one) .
    Happy Blogging. :)

  10. Are you asking me to review your blog? I charge for that. In the Showcase forum you might find some volunteers though.

  11. I just went to the blog and there is nothing there! I'm not sure what is being asked here under this thread???? I thought the OP had an autobiography blog????

  12. Yes the blog is empty - for pity sake what is there to discuss when there's zero in the blog?

  13. Whether or not there is a full moon. Look around the forum this morning!

  14. HOW DO I IMPORT!!!!!!!!! from "" ??

  15. Follow the directions in this the following article should help you import from :


  16. trent?
    iam sorry , meds r makink mouth like novacaine, n i look forward to more social verbage.... thies frrickin nurses r kickin my behind! bi have 1/2 hr to comunicate! hahahah so , hows' ur dog? my cat is fine! :) learnimg blow tap! i'm gonna miss dancing! but boy oh boy! i had a good lofe! please spread my life blog? "alifeintheday/lotuseker"
    i don't wanna cide for nothin. i wannaa share my history and say to all , THERE IS LIFE OUT THERE!

  17. Well, if that is the case, you might want to spend it writing your thoughts on and not these forums ;)

  18. TRENT/
    HEY! i am doing best to shRE, sorry , puffing theu straw ! buzz off! unless u wanna challenge mr to Gammon? HEY ! YOU GOT IT ! Come on ovr ! lets do arm wrestling ? pick up my arm! but u gottatell me when!
    sorry , becomming more then maudlin. i think its called selfpity......gerrr
    forgive my ........hows ur dog? hhahahahah. my cat is fine, and my straw is better when i dont chew! hahahah

  19. WTH???????????????

  20. I think we're better off with him at Blogspot, don't you?

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