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Elections , show/create your Ultimate Political Platform

  1. With the Canadian elections around the corner it's time to remember why we live : let your deepest desires come to surface and built the Ultimate Political Platform .

    It's not a shame to admit we were not born to Work but born to Create . Than , if you look across the life variations you'll also see the ancient Art of War manual . That's why you can't afford to be just a spactator but a Participant in the latest Political chess where your position is bend-over-cannon-fodder .

    Show your plan . Here is mine , A Recipe for a Nation : , future shocking .

    Just how Humane and Future Shocking is your Recipe ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Firstly , how would you judge someone that doesn't shows up to job interviews ?
    But that's more than Half of the population that doesn't vote !! Sure enough you can do what I do and Spoil the ballet in protest for not Trusting none of the contendants , none of the Parties ...

    Secondly , just What can those 'leades' do if they can't even achieve what the ancenstors did without our technology , put Organic , Healthy food on our tables ?

    Being incompetent as such a level , needing a telepromter to speak , leaving the pricess of the oil under our feet at the speculations of the Stock Market in New York , not telling us that our currency is a Fiat one and we are only 'renting' it from the Banksters , means only one sad thing : our leaders are sock-puppets of NATO/Bilderbergs wasting billions on armament , sendings us to die for foreign interests and bomb children , women and weddings half across the world in places that we can't spell ...

    Canada , used to be known as the most peaceful country in the world ... what happened Mr. Paul Martin and Stephen Harper ??

    But heck , it's CBC's Hockey Night in Canada so screw the elections , pass the beer and the chips , long live the Central Bank and its credit cards !

    On the Other side you have Daniel and the Recipe ...

    P.S. stay away from the Advanced Alien Super Specie essay if you have a hard time sleeping ... it may keep you up thinking about the elections .

  3. Coke or Pepsi ? Could the number of replies to that post be related to the over 50 % of the population that doesn't vote ?
    Remember , the system counts the Spoiled votes and are considered a vote of Protest hence very valuable as a way to send a message to the Government ... handlers .

    The Solution is always here : , future shocking .

  4. It's the natural gas and oil under the Canadian soil that stands testemony to the incompetence ( or corruption ) that All the Canadian Parties 'suffer' from : it;s our resource yet we pay for it Prices determined in some foreign Stock Exchange !!
    Is this Treason or Grand Ineptitude ...

    Than is the Usury that the capitalistic governments endorse .
    Even Libya has abolished usury , the state lands money to its citizens at NO interest !

    And Tell me about health Spending , our Pilars in the Health Ministry even tell us thats OK to eat pesticide ladden food ! And Junk Food is OK as long as it doesnt have Transfats . The Deceit ...

    And finaly , your Life , running on the Mortgage&Loans treadmill while the Canadian government steals fifteen Billion $$ from your Tax sweat to buy jet fighters and navy ships while asking you to die half accross the world for foreigners ( NATO ) in a foreign land whos people now hates us ... What war is Harper getting ready to fight without telling us !!

    WOW , we Must live in a Fourth World country where its government works for Monsanto , the War industries , the Speculators and the Banksters .

    And You , more than fifty % of the eligible Canadian voters stay home !!
    You Must like it !
    Enjoy it !

    But if you don;t , read the Recipe and vote !
    I do My duty . I vote and Spoil the form in protest for luck of qualified candidates . Until we;ll find a Daniel ...

  5. Have you thought of putting this in the blog instead? I think you'd get more engagement that way.

  6. Hi Raincoaster ,

    1) thank you for your concern .
    2) and How will you know about my blog if I wouldn't advertise it here ??
    3) you gave me before useless advice , please quit .

    If you don't like my thoutghs don't read them ,

  7. I checked all Political Platforms : none is set to make Organic foods mandatory .

    So it is clear why the Recipe is indeed not just a unique solution but the only working one : , future shocking !

  8. I'm a little confused, what exactly is it you're trying to say or ask here?

  9. Random use of capitalization and punctuation makes my ear itch.

    In an unrelated statement, I'm voting for Elizabeth May.

  10. @luridtalesofdoom
    It's so odd when folks use forum threads as if they are blogs. I'm guessing it an attempt to promote a blog.

  11. @turnthrice
    "Random use of capitalization and punctuation makes my ear itch. "

    I have a similar reaction.

  12. I must Thank you all for your time and generous advices , and I am happy to see the ' timethief ' post again , I do need the attention , thank you !

    Dear ' turnth rice ' , nice try but no , the capitalisation it is not random , keep trying to find the patern , it's there .
    Also you were the only one to post something related to the thread ! Congrats !
    BTW , tell me please , does May promisses Organic food to be legislated ? I do not see it in her platform just as I don't see it in NDP never mind Liberal or Conservative , May be I miss it . So then how green is green ?

    But then who cares how a handfull of people spend your tax sweat , how they make you a target of international terrorism , and on top , allowing the poisoning of your food , as long as the Game ( Capitalisation 'turhy ' ) is ON !!

    I am concerned that I didn't hear yet back from raincoaster who was the First to recognize ( well, almost ) that I am promoting the Recipe for a Nation . I'll be upset though if that was just a guess !

    Let the comments of this thread stay testemony to the outcome of the Canadian elections and the Country ( Capitalized ! ) .

    But if you want to see how the 'Jones' live see : , future shocking .

    Speling by Prada , resurfacing English one leter at a time while saving trees .

  13. So 40 % of Canadians want more of Afghanistan , more of their sweat spend on armament , more NATO involvment and assassinations , more pesticides in foods , and of course , Less control of their country .
    The other 60 % are fooled , like the Americans , in believing in 'change' .
    We act according to our IQ , QED .

  14. From " comments " :

    " @turnthrice
    "Random use of capitalization and punctuation makes my ear itch. "

    " timethief " : I have a similar reaction.

    A : I am not a doctor but I suggest stop reading with your ears , use brain instead " .
    Next !

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