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    Sorry – the link didn’t take in my query . how do I do this in this forum ?

    The blog I need help with is meroveeschild.wordpress.com.


    What do you mean it didn’t take in your query?


    Are you talking about this other forum post?




    In my original query I asked whether in Elegant Grunge if I ticked the option to hide the blog title whether it stopped search engines reading the blog but I didn’t put in the link to my blog correctly http://meroveeschild.wordpress.com . If you look down the forum you will see the original question .




    You answered when I replied, I think . I now understand how to put a link in the forum – obvious .

    I know its not your problem but as Ripped Torn said earlier, I think there is a problem with the sizing of images . ( hopefully wordpress staff may see this ) .



    I replied in the other thread.

    Do note that this is a peer to peer forum and although responses here are typically very quick, sometimes it might be a few hours. On most technical support forums it can run 12 to 24 hours before you get a response, and I’ve got two questions in on a couple other forums that are now more than a week old.



    I understand that and thanks for all your great service . Its just that in my view of the forum my original query is showing it hasn’t been answered and this thread is only showing two posts – weird .


    Your browser might be pulling up a cached page instead of actually refreshing.

    Here is what I said.

    As long as you have a title specified at settings > general in your dashboard, the search engines will see that blog title. The “hide title” just hides it from view on your blog header area so that you can incorporate a title into your header image if you wish.



    Sacred Path – sorry if you mistook the phrase ” if you look down the forum you will see the original question ” as an impatient response . It wasn’t meant to be but just to help with my question . Unfortunately, with the written word it is easy to for misunderstandings to occur .

    Thanks again .


    Not a problem and you are welcome.

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