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Elegant Grunge Theme: Content titles running into sidebars

  1. frommysideofthemoon

    I've recently switched to Elegant Grunge and really like it except that in the Content-Sidebar-Sidebar layout choice (which I prefer) all of my titles and link titles seem to run over into the adjacent sidebars, overlapping widgets and links. Have never run into this type of thing before. Is there a way to fix this? Something in formatting I've overlooked perhaps?
    Would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is an issue with the editor right now and from what I understand wordpress is waiting on an update from the people who wrote the TinyMCE editor. If you look at the following, which I got from a "view source" on your main page, you will note the   inbetween words on some of the title. Those are non-braking spaces which mean the words on either side of that code will stay together. That is what is causing the issue.

    So You’re A Vampire: A Beginner’s Survival Guide For Caroline Forbes

    Open that post in the editor, delete the title and type it back in again and update the post and see if that does not fix the issue. Hopefully it does.

  3. frommysideofthemoon

    Thank you! All fixed :)

  4. You're welcome. Hopefully staff will get the upgrade soon and we won't have to put up with this stuff.

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