Elegant Grunge Theme on Safari & Firefox (Mac) no page nav at bottom!

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    i recently created a few posts using my new iMac, and noticed that when i scroll to the bottom of the first page of my blog, there’s no OLDER POSTS/next page navigation at all. does anyone know why this is happening. i don’t have this issue on windows in any browser.


    The blog I need help with is cocktailogist.wordpress.com.


    NOTE: i just clicked on a link in my tag cloud. when the page loaded, there were indeed nav links at the bottom. so the issue seems to just be happening with the first page. very strange.



    thanks. i followed your directions and the only difference is that it shows a “LOAD MORE POSTS” link at the bottom, which when clicked loads a few more posts, but not all of them and STILL does not show the “OLDER POSTS” link. this is really frustrating. any additional advice?



    You’re welcome.
    It’s all explained in the post I already linked to: you can’t disable that tab and restore the older/newer links without the Custom Design upgrade.

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