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    I would like to code the title description so that it sits underneath the actual title and not up and to the right.
    No idea how to re-code text positioning like this.
    Hopeful thanks.

    The blog I need help with is margaretrosestringer.wordpress.com.



    Want it with explanations or without explanations?


    Have come to the conclusion that if I insert my own header that includes my site title/description, this question is no more.
    It’s now almost five in the morning.
    Why haven’t you answered that list re Newsworthy?
    Sighh …



    Because you’re using Chateau.
    Your questions would have us activate the theme in one of our blogs, examine yours to see what widgets you’re talking about, and add these widgets to our blog before we can work out the changes. Sorry, no. When you ask about something we can see on the out-of-the-box version of the theme (as on this thread) we can work on the theme demo; in all other cases you need to activate the theme yourself.


    Got it – I never think logically, sorry!
    I’ll set up the trial site and ask again.
    Thanks, Pi!

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