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eliminate a column in Fjords04 with CSS?

  1. I'm very new to blogging and CSS but am finding WP to be wonderfully easy to use. I'd like to know:

    If I buy the CSS upgrade would I be able to change the Fjords04 theme to have 3 columns instead of 4 (so make the first column as wide as the first 2 columns are now and then leave the other 2 the same)?

    If I can't do the above, would I be able to change the widths of the columns (make the first column wider and the next 3 thinner)?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've never worked with fjords, but I just took a quick peek and the three sidebars and the content area are under separate IDs and selectors, so it should be reasonably easy.

    My suggestion would be to work with the free CSS edit preview and try out your changes there before buying. The preview function is a bit flakey lately, so if a change does not show up in the preview, make sure and force refresh that page.

  3. Here is a quick look at it as a 3-column. I used the Firefox add-on called Firebug to find the CSS for the elements and then did a quick real-time modification to them.

  4. Sorry, I haven't had my coffee this morning. Here is the link.

  5. I'll make it a little easier for you. Try adding the following two lines to your CSS edit area, select the "add to fjords" box and preview the changes. You might need to force your browser to refresh after doing so as sometimes the styles are cached.

    #sidebar-1 {display:none;}
    #content {width:484px;}
  6. Thanks so much!

    Halluke, your solution is brilliant! If I want to go down to 2 columns I assume I could do the following:

    #sidebar-1 {display:none;}
    #sidebar-2 {display:none;}
    #content {width:698px;}

    But I don't seem to have the px width correct for the content, or something, because the photo doesn't line up from the first column to the second. And it does line up in your 3 column version. What am I missing?


  7. As long as you're not changing the background position for the third column it should line up just fine using 698px.

  8. I've only put in these 3 lines and it doesn't line up. I have no idea how you got the 484 number but I took 484 - 270 (the original column width) = 214. I then added 214 to 484 to account for the 3rd column to get 698, but I don't know if this is right.

    Any ideas why it still isn't lining up? Thanks.

  9. It works fine for me when testing with the Firebug add-on for Firefox. You haven't actually bought/updated the CSS yet so it is hard to tell what is going wrong. What browser are you using to view the site in? Have you tried alternatives like different versions of IE, FF, chrome, opera or safari? The only thing I can think of is that you're using an old release of IE which messes up the box model.

  10. I'm using Firefox. I don't have the Firebug add-on. I'll test it again once I buy the CSS upgrade! Thanks!

  11. I've purchased the CSS upgrade and it still doesn't work as 2 columns for me. But I've decided to use it as 3 columns so no worries! Thanks for your help.

  12. It is still showing as four columns when I viewed it a few seconds ago. Could your try the code for two columns again and upload a screenshot (or better still leave the site live like that so I can peek under the hood and see what is causing the problems).

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