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    If someone could help w/ the following I’d really appreciate it:
    1. I need to align the body txt on all pages w/ my header so that the outer left edge of the text aligns with the outer left edge of the header
    2. I’d like to eliminate the devices container that appears at the bottom of the page (the one w/ the 3 device icons on it with a black bkgd)
    3. Is there a way to plug Google maps into my locations page, if so, how?

    Any info is much appreciated:)

    The blog I need help with is sugarmethod.com.




    for #2, I think that’s the mobile testing icons that only appears in admin area when customizing theme, and not on the site itself. I checked here: http://sugarmethod.com/ and did not see any of those icons.


    Hi, going backwards :)

    3. You can embed Google Maps following the instruction on this support page.

    1. Your content seems to be aligned with the edges of your header image on all the pages I looked at. The menu goes out past the edges of the image and content though, is that what you are referring to?



    Thanks hfzrhmn + sacredpath! Yes hfzrhmn you are correct, I checked + those annoying icons aren’t there on the site itself, great:)

    Thank you sacredpath for the advice re: Google, I will definitely implement it. Re: alignment issues, I’m fine w/ the menu exceeding the edges of the header + content, my issue is w/ the fact that the outer left edge of my header graphic doesn’t line up w/ the outer left edge of the body txt on each page, wonder if there’s any way to fix this?

    thanks for your help guys, have a great weekend:)


    Hmmm, not see it visually, but the header image you are using is 592px wide and the content is 604px. Add the following, which takes everything down to 592px and see what you think.

    .entry-header, .entry-content, .entry-summary, .entry-meta {
    max-width: 592px;


    Thanks sacredpath, I’ll try it!




    Sacredpath, I tried the code above + it worked beautifully, thank you!

    1 more question: I’m trying to align the text in a table like format on my Services page, how do I do this? When I open up the page in the browser, the text is seriously misaligned + I’m wondering how to fix this? Any help is much appreciated:) I didn’t see any option in the page edit mode that would allow me to insert a table (as one would w/ MS Word for example) which would keep the text aligned properly?


    Hooray, glad that fixed the issue. I wasn’t entirely sure I was seeing what you were seeing.

    I would suggest using an HTML table. There are any number of online HTML table generators where you can enter your parameters and it will generate the code for you and then you can copy that code and paste it into the “Text” tab in your page or post editor. If you search for “online HTML table generator” (without the quotes) a number of them will come up. I’ve used both quackit and textfixer and both have worked well.

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