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Eliminating Social Sites in a Static Page

  1. Hello there

    How do I eliminate 'Share this' and 'Like this' that point to social sites which appears at the bottom of the page of my blog

    Sharing a post to social sites is actually good but not to some static page.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    You can disable the sharing option on specific posts or pages by using the checkbox at the bottom of the edit page:

  3. Thanks Timethief.. I have figured it out. May you have all the time in the world thus no need to steal time.


  4. I'm happy to hear you succeeded. I'm a cancer survivor who is keenly aware I'm living on borrowed time. Life is precious. May yours characterized by wellness and happiness. :)

  5. Oh.. it's just like heart is pricked. Before I could tell how how sorry to hear that.. instead let me say that I am grateful our paths crossed as I admire your courage and resolve. I read your Blog and it moved me deeply - your blogging has a heartfelt purpose - sharing in whatever you can to help neophyte bloggers.

    You will always be in my thoughts and prayers... as I am in the Forum to mess you up with more questions :)

    Seriously, I wish you well and all the best is yet to come

  6. By the way, Miss Time, my mom died of CA. And I have some dear friends being taken away by it. I will use blogging that in my own way I will be able to contribute to the cause.

    God bless

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