Eliminating the "Rate This" on Featured Post in The Morning After

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    I like the new format of rating sharing buttons on posts, but ever since the change, the Rate This on featured posts on The Morning After’s front page have become way too large for the theme. The font is so large it overwhelms the post title, and there’s a big space between the post excerpt and the Rate This. I’d rather just have the stars appear without the big text “Rate This.” Is this possible? I have the CSS upgrade–should I ask this question in that forum?

    The blog I need help with is misspreservation.com.



    I’m seeing little icons as expected using Firefox 6.0. I think you ought to try some browser troubleshooting. If your browser is outdated you can upgrade it here.
    Hope that helps.


    Hmm, could be it doesn’t like Safari. My version should be pretty up-to-date. I just bought the thing a few months ago. I’ll check into it though–would love it if that’s the problem! Thanks!


    Actually that other thread is marked as a duplicate and will be deleted, so here is what I said.

    If you go to ratings > all ratings in the dashboard and then in you can click on the “advanced settings” link below the save changes button and you can set font size and a bunch of other parameters.



    Sorry about the duplicate thread–I must have clicked submit twice. The weird thing on TMA is that the Ratings on the individual posts look ok and are the same size text as the rest of the post. But on the front page in the featured posts, the font for that section is probably twice as large. I do have the latest Safari, so if it’s software, it’s Safari, not just an outdated version.

    I fiddled with the Ratings settings as you suggested sacredpath, and I don’t see any difference on the front page. Not sure if any of those settings affect the front page actually.


    In my opinion there should be no ratings at all on the front page when excerpts are displayed: one must first read the whole post then rate it. So if I were you I would simply go to Ratings and disable the front page display. But if you prefer to display them, just with no title, add this to your CSS:

    .sd-title {


    Addendum: This will hide the title from the front page as well as from below the complete post. If you prefer to hide it from the front page only, add this instead:

    #latest_post .sd-title, .feat_exc .sd-title {


    I didn’t even know I could disable the ratings on the front page–I agree they shouldn’t be there, so I’ve disabled them now. Thanks, Panos!

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